This is a true story about a Jobs for Life student named Janet.

Janet grew up as any middle class person would, got married and had five children. Janet had very nice “material things” during the years she was married and really didn’t want for much. After several years living in Florida, her marriage fell apart and she divorced. Janet faced some very hard times, ended up in Dover, DE, lost her children, and ended up living in a local women’s shelter.

Janet learned about Jobs for Life at the shelter and began attending the program. Janet did the necessary class work and home work required, while looking for a job. Shortly thereafter, she began working at Dunkin Donuts. Janet would leave the shelter at 3:00 AM to walk for miles to get to work on time. After a while, Janet became an Assistant Manager and eventually, the Store Manager responsible for two locations. After Janet graduated the Jobs for Life program, she had saved enough money to get her own place and was then able to even get her children back.

This story is one of many true stories that have happened from watching lives being transformed through the Jobs for Life program when participants do the work required to graduate. It has been several years since Janet graduated from Jobs for Life. She is still working and raising her children. Two of the five children have since gone off to college. Jobs for LifeBuilding Lives, One Job at a Time


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